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wedding journal

Congratulations on your engagement! Planning your wedding is an exciting time, but it can also be daunting when faced with so many decisions. Choosing your photographer is one of them. We love to produce images that tell stories and capture emotions.

Throughout the wedding day itself there are so many moments to capture. I often get asked if I do candid. And the answer is yes! Basically most of the wedding day itself is very much documentary. Only smaller portions are directed. Such as group and couple shots.. .but these still have very free flowing actions. My job is to constantly be watching for moments that happen that you might not be seeing.

Some of our packages come with a engagement shoot (Save The Date) or Trash The Dress as standard and most of these happen around Bournemouth, although they can happen elsewhere across the UK or abroad but would have an extra costs. These images can be great for couples to relax them in front of the camera and allow everyone to see how the process can work before the big day. From city, to country or the beach!


Pride in Each Service

Whether you’re having an intimate family occasion, or a larger party with friends and relatives from far and wide, we can provide beautiful and creative photography to record your child’s christening or baptism. We would arrive at your home an hour or so before you need to leave for the church and we’ll spend some time capturing portraits of your child and also some family group shots before the ceremony. Experience has taught us that many children find christenings quite tiring, and therefore doing the formal shots beforehand provides the best results.

In our offer you will find pricing options for a variety of durations, including baptism packages of only a few hours. For other options let us know your requirements and we’ll send you a relevant offer

drone aerial

photography & film

Aerial photography or film of your wedding gives a new and exciting perspective to your wedding photo album, we can deliver beautiful intimate shots of the bride &  groom and to showcase the wedding venue at its best.

We can provide a package to suit your requirements, whether you need us for just a couple of hours or a few days capturing the build to the Big day its self just let us know your Brief and we will arrange the rest.

The drones we work with are capable of transporting video equipment at low and high altitudes, are stable, reliable, fast and available for rent at your event with an operator.

In order to frame the subjects in the filming as well as to be able to fly in moderate wind conditions, a GPS system and an image stabilization system are mounted on our drones, so that the equipment can remain in the air at a fixed point with a smooth filming without tremors from the currents. of air.

This equipment is intended for private events (weddings, baptisms and corporate). People or companies from various fields such as youtubers, builders, real estate agents or landowners can also benefit from our services.

droplight film

a media network project

DROPLIGHT FILM is creating premium content across all platforms.

We take content of creators and filmmakers to the next level

through inspiring cinematics, so they can create the best possible films from their vlogs and content.

professional editing

We edit aritisc at the highest level and we pay attention to all the details so that the final product is as you wanted.

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Adrian is the founder and owner of the DROPLIGHT FILM project.

Netflix aproved cameras

The movies we produce will stand the test of time, while immersing you in the atmosphere and events of your day.